Man Stuff

Yesterday evening, Peach Pod and monkey boy came over and brought fried chicken. We sat outside and ate and laughed.

I taught Monkey Boy how to blow the conch, and he was a fast learner. In a few minutes I had to take the conch away from him or I am sure fellow RVers would come over and kill us. This horn gets loud.

Then it was time for his uncle to show him some potato ballistics. So my brother-in-law Al, Monkey Boy and I headed to clam creek. I didn’t realize clam creek was such a hang out for sunset watchers.

We opened the tailgate of the truck and used it for a staging area. I had a fresh bag of Yukon Gold spuds, some carburetor cleaner, and newly wired potato cannon.

I loaded the cannon, sprayed the fuel and locked down the firing chamber. Then I pointed the cannon toward the pier and fired the potato. Al’s mouth hung open and MB yelled with excitement. I don’t think either knew the power of the spud gun.

We fired it 5 more times before the viewers around us became annoyed.

Darn people, there is a sunset every day. I only get to fire my cannon a few time a year.


MELackey said...

probably a bunch of cranky old farts. You should have loaded up and fired a few shots across their bow...

Out of curiosity, how would that baby work with a handful of fingerling potatoes or baby new potatoes? Sort of the shotgun effect?

Anonymous said...

How about with beer cans? Can we make it less strong so I could get Rhonda to shoot me a brew from the kitchen?!

Unknown said...

I invite you to Joint eh largest spudgun forum on the web and learn how to make better spudguns!

Anonymous said...

Party poopers!