My Fun Stuff

I was looking at some recent pictures from my last trip to buck island. This time I focused on the boat, “Origami” and saw my stuff in the boat. This is my equipment that I leave behind on the island.

There is my yellow goggles, snorkel, thick ass 30 sun screen, discarded beer bottle, and my flippers are close by. I’ll be glad to use up that sun screen, it goes on like paint.

Other stuff I have on the island is:

Our Snorkels and flippers with Head bands both Reggie and Gigi with anti-fog

12 drink collapsible Cooler

Wine cork screw and bottle Opener

Hat for Gigi

Beach Towel (New)

Small Canvas Beach Bag

3 Bottle Koozies

30 Sunscreen (1/2 bottle)

Gigi’s White flip flops (New)

Access point Netgear WG602 V3

Shampoo conditioner for straight and curly travel size enough for week

First aid kit

Contained in a Red collapsible duffle

I’ll see all this stuff again in one hundred and one days.


TerryC said...

We had a great day at Buck that day, didn't we, Reg? Or should I say Captain Stubble, Sir...

I can't believe you remembered all that you left in that bag! I'm going to check to make sure it's all still there (just kidding).

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Actually I am such a nerd that I put all that information in my PC before I left Peter's. It keeps me from over packing.

Thank you for storing it too!

I was thinking about Fly yesterday. How is old Fly?

Jahooni said...

I wouldn't say NERD, or would I?

TerryC said...

Wow! You're really organized. Do you log all your incoming groceries so you'll always know exactly what's in the fridge/freezer, too?

Or is it only vacation-type things that require that type of attention? Very cute, Reg!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It's just a St Croix thing. I like to travel light down there and have found that you need very little to have a good time there.