24 Hours

Tomorrow night this time I will be landing in St Croix, VI.

My dear bride has decided at the last minute to stay back.

Gigi has for many years had fibromyalgia which manifests itself in fatigue and pain. For the past week she has been very tired. Today she asked if it was okay if she stayed back and rested.

Fortunately she does better in familiar routines and surrounding. Frankly, flying 2,000 miles and changing planes thrice is tiring. It makes for a long day.

Fortunately again, I have friends on the island. Gigi has packed goodies for them all. She is a thoughtful and generous person.

I will be writing and posting from paradise next week. I will very much miss Gigi being with me.


Michael said...

Bummer about Gigi :( Hope she starts feeling better. Terry's not been feeling top notch either, but thankfully doesn't have to make a 2000 mile flight.

Is Gigi certain she can trust you to come all the way down here without her... and see Peter?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

yes...this could be an issue.

Tom is not going to make it so it is just me.

Right now I am testing a botle of Hunnicutt 2004 Zin to make sure it is still perfect. I will bring you a bottle and the 2003 Cab.

Oh man it is good...I need a steak, or goat water.

Logzie said...

Awe man! That stinks for Gigi...she really must feel bad to miss such a great trip!

I'll be praying for you Gigi...


Ali said...

Have a great time on your trip - make sure to call us at work!
Sending Gigi my love and hugs to feel better - and some to you for a safe trip.

TerryC said...

I can't believe we'll have to wait longer to see our beloved Gigi. We'll miss her sweet, sarcastic remarks! BIG GIANT HUGS to her (and all the warm fuzzies). Hope you feel better!

Now I'm going to feel crappy down here all by myself with all the guys. Oh god. Maybe I'll check myself into the hospital early. ;)