I like coffee just fine. I don’t go a morning without it. A cup or two will do and only rarely do I drink coffee at any other time.

When I was younger I drank coffee all day. Now I seem to have more energy as I have aged and do not need the boost that coffee gives me.

At best, I like plain old simple, breakfast blend, missionary style, straight up coffee. A bag or can of Maxwell House will do just fine.

Throw some French Roast on me and I may spew it out.

So it is with open honesty that I must confess that I do not get the Starbucks coffee craze or all the other coffee shops that abound. Most of the coffees I’ve tasted in Starbucks in a quest to be hip and cool taste like acidic magma.

Plus the cakes and muffins they serve would serve a family. I won’t even guess the caloric value of each item.

So now you see my lack of appeal. Let’s go get a cup of acidic slurry, and have a lard ass cake to go with it and call that fun.

Well…I off to the plant for one last day. This regular working schedule is killing me.


Chris said...

Starbucks is very strong, very over-priced, and over-rated.
If you ever come across a Tim Horton's, you will be hooked on their coffee, just as most Canadians are.

It's goooooood.

MessyJessy said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that I loooooove Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte (only available seasonly). That is the only drink they make that I really enjoy. All the other frapp-a-crappes I can pass on! Maxwell house makes a mean cup!

Anonymous said...

I like FRESH coffee and I hate weak watery coffee. I want it full bodied but not bitter.

mr zig said...

I love coffee - A lot... And I do enjoy starbucks, but I hear what you're saying... good ol' breakfast blend coffee is alright... as long as it's not watery, soapy, or nasty in any way. Starbucks is definitely overpriced, and I think people that always MUST have starbucks are just trying to be trendy.

Liv said...

thou shalt not take the name of starbucks in vain. peach and i hath decreed it.

Michael said...

The coolest coffee comes from Dean's Beans in Orange, Mass. Dean Rocks!

TerryC said...

As Michael says, Dean does rock. His coffees are truly "fair trade" and organic and not overpriced.

Read about Dean and his company and their ethics at You can order their coffee on line, or by calling. It's even cheap, including shipping, for us, so it should be a REAL bargain for you all up there!

Anonymous said...

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