My Monday Morning Post on Sunday Night

We are in the worst drought in recent memory. I recall a similar drought in the late 1980’s. Back then I didn’t care much as long as I had water. I was on a city tap so rain didn’t matter.

Roll ahead 20 years and I have 3 hay burners and there is no hay to cut.

Currently I buy hay for $3 a bale. Suddenly hay is spiking to $10 a bale because it has to be trucked in from other areas of the country.

Today I took delivery of 80 bales from Buffalo, NY at $7 a bale. I may have 20 to 25 bales of the local stuff and hope this will last until next May when we normally have our spring cutting.

We met the tractor trailer about 10 PM and started to unload. I was the first to load my hay.

In other news…I can now buy Carib beer locally. I love that beer. I think they make it in Trinidad and I always get it when I go to the Virgin Islands. A little slice of lime and I am in heaven. I’m having one now before bed.

I just remembered this. Last week when I was checking in at the airport in St Croix, I saw a kid come up to his father with a big piece of sugar cane. The father took the cane and peeled it with his teeth by pulling long strips length wise. Eventually he got to the center, took a big bite and handed the peeled cane back to his son. They both smiled in approval.


Unknown said...

I am trying to think if I have had Carib but I will now check to see if anyone here carries it.

Is it similiar to Corona?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes...very much like a Corona