Checking In

All is quiet on the warm waters of the Caribbean so our trip looks like a go so far. Hurricanes can work up in no time so I am not counting my chickens yet. That is a funny saying…”don’t count your chickens before they hatch”.

I am starting to see those “Baby on Board” caution signs on cars again. I hate theses things. I know it is their little miracle gift from God, but I am my parent’s miracle gift from God too. Have respect for everyone on the road.

I ran out of gas this morning in the Jeep as I was pulling into the gas station. Man, when the power goes, you feel helpless. Thankfully I had enough inertia to roll to the pump.

I like the word inertia; I don’t get to use it enough. I haven’t used the word inertia since I talked about that inertia nut cracker I bought last winter. That nutcracker is still under my chair in the living room waiting for the fall pecans.

The NFL season starts for real tonight and I can’t wait.

I just smiled at my assistant and cracked my fat upper lip. That’s cruel to smile and get punished.

Some ass put and empty salad container on my driver side seat yesterday. I had the top off.


Kuckie said...

I'm a mom and even I hate those Baby on Board you are really going to slow down and drive really carefully around cars that have one in their window. Give me a break. I kind of think we should replace them with "Self-centered Idiot on Board"...