Rum, Spices and Breadfruit, Oh my!

I am up early to begin my Far East journey to tame the savages and acquire gold, silver, spices, rum and breadfruit.

Actually, none of that is too far off. The crowd I run with down there is fun, I know I’ll get Gigi something pretty in gold or silver, and rum is a given along with fantastic and exotic foods. It just sounded more Magellan-like in the first sentence.

I started a tradition the last time I was there where I call Ali and Zig at work and we laugh at each other. I plan to do this again except I’ll be at the webcam on the harbor.

Today, I will zigzag through Miami and San Juan before arriving in St Croix. That means I will be bathed in Spanish for the first two landings before I get to the island where I never hear anything but English or Cruzan. I can hang with Cruzan better than Spanish especially when just listening.

Osmosis amoebas! See you there!


Michael said...

Whew! You're getting outta North Carolina just in time... but maybe you should put up the hurricane shutters for Gigi before you go. Gabrielle is on her way and it looks like she's headed for NC, and just NC!

Gabrielle's Storm Track

TerryC said...

I love breadfruit, but I haven't eaten it in years. I used to buy local stuff all the time when we had a Dominican produce market that had to close after hurricane Marilyn destroyed the guy's planes. I rarely see it where I shop now, so I just don't think about buying it.

It's also just REALLY heavy and starchy and we'd have so many left-overs. I guess we could give some to the dogs.

TerryC said...

So, good! You're going to tame the savage Pickled Greek!

Strange, but EVERYWHERE I go here on STX, there's someone speaking Puerto Rican (a dialect of Spanish - vey different from the proper Castillian version), but next time I'll tell them "osmosis, amoebas!" for you. Hahahaha!! I guess that's the North Carolinian dialect ;).

Michael said...

Burrito's Dentist!

Reggie made it down here in one piece. When he arrived, he told us he'd blogged the whole way until he ran his lap-top batteries down.

He was up at 6:00 am, but the power was out, so no wireless (somebody took out a power pole in front of the entrance to green cay). So he headed downtown. We were surprised to see he hadn't taken advantage of some of many hotspots in town and posted his blogs. Even though we met him at the airport, had dinner with him last night, breakfast this morning, and then went snorkeling together. You never know if the real-life version is going to be the same as the blog version.

After doing some shopping, we're back home now, and still no posts from Reggie. Terry thinks he's afraid to climb up the coconut tree to get a wireless signal out at Peter's place. Or maybe he's just recovering from the swim Terry led us on.