Peaceful Lunch

Today I headed out to lunch with my pals Don and Ty. Don is driving, I’m in the front seat and Ty is in the back seat.

Gigi called me and we chatted a few minutes.

Just as I hung up Ty lets out this panicked, blood curdling scream and says, “The hook is up my nose…help!”

I looked back and Ty is wrestling with nose and a small bungee cord is dangling from his face, his eyes watering.

I’m thinking WTF, what did I miss?

He had been playing and stretching a tiny bungee when he accidentally let loose of the end and the hook lodged up his nose.

I was dying laughing, Don was about to drive off the road and Ty was looking for something to catch blood.

I swear I don’t make this stuff up.


Liv said...

you don't make it up, because you couldn't. life is way weirder just as it is.