I Am Going to the Moon

I have decided to build a moon base by 2048. Everyone else is announcing their plans, the US, the Russians, the Chinese, so Reggie today, announces today that I too will build a moon base.

I have a few technical clichés to work through.

Oh my moon base will be a grand place. I will have lots of windows where you can look out at the vacuum of space and see dirt everywhere. It will be a lot like Phoenix except no air, water or other living things. Oh, that’s another thing I need to think about, air and water.

Oh screw it. Today I am announcing that I will abandon my plans to go to the moon by 2048. I decided I would be too old.


TerryC said...

Technical cliches! Oh, we're gonna have fun with that one....stay tuned!

Michael said...

Ohhhh, we were dis-appointed to learn you scrapped your plans to go to the moon. But we decided to help you out with your technical clichés anyway...

so here are the ones we've come up with so far:

Easy as Pi
There's no place like Moon-Base
Many hands make Light-year work
Byte the Bullet-train
Hard-wire headed
Mind your PCs and Qs
Go ahead, Mac my day
Not the fastest rocket in the fleet
Like two Ps in an iPPod

Is all Geek to me!

TerryC said...

Here's a few more....

Green-eyed monster.com
Motherboard and apple pie
Couldn't get to first base 10
Cut to the quickbooks
Better half-life.....

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh...Glitches. Damn spell checker and stupid writer.

I can blame it on one of two fingers.

Peach Pod said...

So if you want to buy property on the moon, here's the website:


Unknown said...

Have you heard that at some sites you can buy property on the moon? You should look into that!