I'll Be Nice

I am not going to complain about cold weather this year. I had a fantastic summer and that is the best I could do. Now I must pay this debt with winter, and have hopes for another nice season to come next year.

After a late Easter freeze we experienced a chamber of commerce type spring. This led to a mild June and July followed by a hot as hell and dry (I like it) August.

I got home yesterday to toss the Frisbee for Peaches and noticed the sun was plunging behind the trees at 6 PM. I though, damn, it’s all over and I must contend with winter soon.

Screw the crackling fires, hot chocolate, and sweaters. All that stuff is itchy and fleeting.

I have 136 days until I get my first taste of next summer, when we visit the big island during the Super Bowl.

For now summer of ‘07, I bid you adieu.


Anonymous said...

I'm not looking forward to winter either. Minnesota is a great place with beautiful summers and I love it in the fall here. But winter just plain sucks. Every year, without fail, after the first snow, everyone forgets how to drive in the snow. And it's just too damn cold.