Creepy Stuff

We are at the beginning of our big old beefy spider season. I hate big spiders, but little ones don’t bother me near as much. I see these big spiders every morning when I head toward the barn.

Today I went in the well house to change the water filter. Gigi had been nagging me for some time to do this.

I traipsed across the yard to the well house and opened the door. I could hear camel back crickets jumping all over inside to get out of my sight.

The whole room was thick with spider, webs which I waved off with a broom.

I struggled with the filter making sure everything fit. I turned around and walked toward the door when I saw a large black snake was looking in the door at me.

My momentum would allow me to stop in time and his reaction was, “Oh shit, bubba’s going to step on me!”

I stepped over him and let out a very loud man scream in fright.

Several things went through my mind.

One, what a perfect storm of creepy stuff all at once.

Two, I hate snakes but tolerate black snakes because they are considered “good” snakes.

Three, what was with that man scream? It was embarrassing. I hope no one heard it. It was just a plain, loud, frightened, man scream. I did know I was capable of that.


Ali said...

Ewww! Beefy spiders and snakes? Um, did someone tell you I wanted to come to visit you? Because I am seriously reconsidering it now...
But it does make me laugh that you let out a big "man scream" - I would have loved to see that!

Logzie said...

Man scream...too funny!

Anonymous said...

You are fully entitled to the man scream. I say the big spiders alone justified it, but you held off until the snake. In my book, this in no way diminishes your manliness.