Crash and Burn

When I was checking in to leave the island I was informed that my flight had been canceled. Not to worry though, they would route me through San Juan, Miami, and then Charlotte. And by the way…I was about to miss my first flight because it left earlier than my now cancelled scheduled flight.

Now I’m not going to bitch too much here because we all have our own airline horror stories. We loaded up in an American Eagle commuter prop and commenced to sweat. We sweat and sweat and sweat. The flight attendant was a real smart ass French fellow that was on the verge of an ass whippin’ from me and my colleagues if that wasn’t a felony to whip a man’s ass that was federally protected. It seems it should only be a misdemeanor flail away at a smart ass flight attendant when you under duress.

Finally we got under way and landed in San Juan. I saw a sports bar so I thought I would check the college scores between flights. It seems they called this a sports bar to make it sound cool because there were no TV’s. It was just a bar with everyone screaming Spanish.

I loaded and flew to Miami, then Miami Charlotte and landed at 11:45 PM. This is way past my normal bed time and Gigi was there to pick me up so I was in a hurry to get home and go to bed.

I waited, and waited, but no luggage appeared. So it’s 12:25 AM and I am in line with everyone who boarded in St Croix looking for their luggage.

I hit the bed at 1:30 AM to wake up a few hours later to go to the NFL game.

We start tailgating around 9 AM and then watch the game in the hot sun where we got our butts beat by a better team.

By 7:30 Gigi and I could barely keep our eyes open and we both went to bed.

Oh what a difference a good night’s sleep makes. Now off to work.

Fly having his breakfast in the morning.


Michael said...

Ya gotta love American. My parents almost missed their flight out last time they were here. They had a nice leisurely 8:50 am departure, but American switched it to 6:45 am, which means, by the new rules, you have to be at the airport at 4:45. I told them not to worry, no one would be behind the counter 'til nearly 6:00. We tried to be earlier than that, but were delayed a little and barely made the 45 minute absolute minimum check-in time. However, there were a few people ahead of us. When it was my parents turn, everyone behind the counter disappeared, or ignored us. We waited patiently for a few minutes, then finally stepped forward. The last attendant still there ignoring us said they were too late for their flight. There wasn't enough time to go through security.

They weren't the only ones waiting. A young lady behind them had purchased her ticket for the 8:50 flight at the airport a few weeks back. She found out at 5:30 am that she was supposed to be there at 4:45 for her new 6:45 flight time. After several calls into the airport interior, they were finally let through and had just enough time to make their flight. SO, if the idiot at the front had just checked them in when they were next in line, rather than delaying them 20 minutes, there would have been no issue.

Unknown said...

Man that cat has it good! LUCKY!!!

MELackey said...

I NEVER thought that I would see anyone call our local NFL franchise the "better" team.

I flipped over to the game a couple of times during the race and was thinking that you were probably wishing you had stayed on the island another day instead of going home to watch the game.

How is Carr working our for you guys? It looks like getting rid of him (among other changes) helped Houston out a little.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Houston was clearly in control of the game.

By the end of the 3rd quarter I can optimistically say our stadium was half full.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Michael, I'm sticking with Useless Airways from now on.

Ali said...

You should have whipped his snotty french ass - now THAT would have been something to see!

none said...

I wish there was an alternative to flying.
That smart ass flight attendent knew he was untouchable.

Anonymous said...

Hey that's my cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!