New Things I learned About St Croix and Related Stuff

When customs asked me where I stayed in the island, I told them I stayed with a friend. He asked who and I told him Peter. He stamped my passport and sent me on. Apparently everyone knows Peter.

There is nothing like watching Sunday NFL football on the island. Individuals gather at a waterfront bars wearing their team colors. There was even an old Jets fan in the corner. You have to admire Jets fans. The bartender then switches the single TV from NFC to AFC channels. You hear an occasional scream when your team’s score is flashed on the screen and they are winning.

Fredricksted is a beautiful town on the west end and is well worth a visit. The beaches are pristine, the town is quaint, and there are some neat places to visit. Plus, you get to ride through the rainforest to get there.

You can get cock flavored soup on the island. Actually I think this package came from Tortola. I wasn’t about to try it.

I am glad to know that can snorkel hours on end even at my age. Heck, I was so comfortable snorkeling in the warm waters of Fredricksted that I could have fallen asleep.

I visited several new beaches while I was there. Each beach is like being in a different resort. I can highly recommend great beaches and snorkeling if you ever go there. All have a restaurant nearby where you can get a meal and drink.

A power failure island wide brings about community. All the restaurants and bars light up the candles and lanterns and go about their business as best as possible. People act exceptionally nice groping in the dark. Michael was so kind to bring us candles and water. You hear the drone of generators running in the distance.

You get used to having a light sheen of sweat. This is nature’s way of cooling you and it works well. Anyone you hug is a little sticky but so are you. A slight breeze feels so refreshing.

Cruzan rum is fantastic rum. It is made on the island and it is cheaper than water. A liter of dark Cruzan rum costs $4.49 at Kmart. I brought two liters home. It tastes good with anything but plain old Coke is a good mixer too.

I love accents. I was talking to Michael this morning and said something to him about baking powder. He heard “bacon powder” and was intrigued. Everything is good with bacon and he wanted some of this bacon powder. I heard a woman down here from South Carolina order a glass a warder. I knew she wanted water.

September is the most off of off seasons there is in St. Croix. It is very quiet. You can go to a beach and have the whole place to yourself. We went to Buck Island and saw two other couples the whole day. Off season means low prices for hotels and travel. The only negative is local seafood is not featured as much in the off season.

Fly is a very cool cat. He eats his breakfast overlooking a ten million dollar view everyday. He is a happy cat too. I took care of fly while I was there.

Please keep Terry and Michael in your prayers. Terry is having surgery on Tuesday, so she will need to recover, and he will need to nurse her to health.

There is a real sense of community in St Croix, at least in my circle of friends. People take care of each other and check up on each other. These people become a large extended family.

I cannot stand to be away from Gigi for more than a few days. This seems to be more so the longer we are married.


TerryC said...

That is not a good picture of us! I look all wrinkly. And I hate those shades. I forgot my good ones at a client's house the day before. Just got them back today. Come back quick and take a better picture!

Thanks again Reggie, for your company (and Gigi, too) and your kind and caring thoughts....

TerryC said...

The glass of wine looks really good, though. Sure could use one of those right now.....