Game Day Plans

Today we play Tampa Bay at home at 4 PM. Any game other than a 1 PM game throws me off a bit.

We decided to watch the 1 o’clock game at the club on the 60 inch plasma TV and eat lunch there. Then around 2:30 we’ll head downtown for the ceremonial 24 ounce good luck beer and go to the game. I switched to Bud from Blue Ribbon this week in an effort to change our luck. We are a superstitious crowd. I may even institute the “Blowing of the conch” for good luck.

I still fondly recall week one of the NFL season when I was in St Croix watching the game at Styx on the waterfront. Styx always has the coldest beer and the most characters of any bar on the boardwalk. The bartender is rude, the patrons are weird, but for some reason I like the place. The place is a dark hole in the wall and the football fans are diehards.

Like most places on the island you are just a glance in one direction to breathtaking beauty…and it ain’t the women at this place. The water view wins hands down at Styx.

I wish I was there today watching the game with that surly bunch.


Anonymous said...

I am torn about today's game. Rhonda and her family are from Tampa and always cheer for them while you are a huge Carolina fan.

I'll just hope for a good game ;)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You can’t ever count on those preseason picks. Tampa was supposed to be lousy and they are doing quite well.

Carr starts at quarterback for us today.

Needless to say I hope we win but we play better on the road.