Now This Is Living

Last night was a total whirlwind. Terry, Michael and Peter picked me up from the airport, poured me a rum drink at the airport, and the party started.

We all ate a wonderful supper at Kaleidoscopes and Peter and I continue to have a few after dinner cordials at Cheeseburger before we turned in. Actually, Peter was a bit over served and I had quite enough.

I spent this early morning down in Christiansted hunting for a cup of coffee. I wandered over to the webcam and found my buddy sitting there watching the sun come up.

He is a back fellow, a street person. I have seen him many times while I am watching the sun come up over the harbor. I didn’t say anything to him and he didn’t acknowledge me. I felt like I knew him though.

I then met Terry and Michael for a leisurely brunch at the Deep End bar.

We proceeded to snorkel just in front of the bar and hotel. The water was slightly murky but got clearer as we moved west.

Terry and Michael have a very keen and trained eye spotting wildlife under water. We followed a turtle for a while and saw fantastic schools of fish. There were a few lone fish as well that came by.

Later in the day I headed to a town bar to watch football. Everyone sat around a lone TV as we watched the Packers and Eagles and looked for our hometown team on the sports ticker. My Panthers won.

By late afternoon we headed to the Pickled Greek for a party in my honor. I must say that I am overwhelmed with my friends hospitality and generosity. Thank you all. You are too kind.

There were too many side stories to tell. Needless to say I had a blast.

Oh one thing; this couple brought in this gigantic, grotesque cancerous looking vegetative growth thing about the size of a whole turkey. It is called jack fruit. They started slicing it and offered the pulpy yellow fruit for us to try. It tasted similar to a pineapple but nit as juicy with an overtone of bubblegum. It was very sweet and sticky. Peter dribbled some cherry juice and sprinkled rum over it and the fruit tasted even better. Surprisingly a large portion of this ugly ass fruit was eaten over the evening.


Anonymous said...

Seething with jealousy over here! I'm glad you're having a great time!

Ali said...

Oooh, sounds like you're having fun so far. I'm excited for you to call us tomorrow.
And I'm having a particularly great laugh over the "ugly ass fruit" and you saying that Fresca tastes like "bad ass".
I do believe you've taken a liking to one of my favourite sayings ;)