Craig's List

I am addicted to Craig’s list. I have three categories set up in my RSS reader.

The first is Auto Parts. I am looking for any cheap Jeep stuff for my Jeep. I have found several things and bought them for my Jeep.

The second is Farm and Garden. I’m looking for anything cheap for the “ranch”. That is where I found the horse trailer and hay. Now the trailer sits in my driveway full of hay.

Lastly, I look at General stuff for sale. It’s mostly junk.

I do get excited when I find a match like this morning. One guy had an engine hoist for sale that was brand new and he lived near the airport. That sounds nice if I were even the slightest bit mechanically inclined.

A few lines later a guy is looking for an engine hoist at a reasonable price.

Bingo! A match! I hope these fellows are as excited as I am. One guy get rid of a big piece of junk and pockets $200. The other fellow gets a shiny new hoist that I hope is reasonably priced in his mind.

Meanwhile my world is now balanced.


Anonymous said...

Have you been searching for a surfboard there?

I told my mom about your want for a surfboard, she thought it was quite funny :)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No I haven't. No one has them around here.

You told her I wasn't going to hang 10 right?

Anonymous said...

That is why she thought it was funny! You and I will be the only two people in the world who own a surfboard but don't surf!!!