Its Still Warm Enough for Trouser Legs

I prefer songs to have a beginning and an end. I don’t like songs that fade like they are going to play forever. I love the way Rough Justice by The Rolling Stones starts, but the darn song fades at the end.

What the hell is “shirt sleeves?” It is short sleeves and long sleeves. Do you call shorts, trouser legs? No!

I can eat Kraft grated parmesan cheese right out of the shaker. It is so good!

I really like the long shadows of the fall. I played 9 holes of golf by myself on Friday. The leaves and shadows add to the difficulty and beauty of the game. The shadows though are plain artistic.

I was working with a guy last week and his breath would damn near buckle my knees every time, day after day. Ty came running to me one day for some gum because he thought maybe it was his own breath blowing back on him. I assured him it was the other guy.

Why is it that when women on TV get a beauty makeover, they always wave their arms in the air and shake their hips? Why can they just walk out and show us how they look like a regular person? They don’t look good enough to wave their arms around, only better.


TerryC said...

What? Regular people up where you are don't walk around swinging their hips and waving their arms in the air? We do it all the time here! It's called "wine yo bahna!"
People do it in K mart, or walking down the street, or whenever the spirit moves them. That's why we say "we're all here because we're not all there!"