Homogenized Condiments Please

Don’t you hate yellow mustard water?

How about red ketchup water?

Yesterday I grilled some burgers for lunch and shook the mustard good. I opened the top and shot a dried plug of mustard on my burger. This is worse than mustard water.


Chris said...

That mustard plug makes me gag, and I have an iron stomach. I'd like to see somebody eat the dried plugs, after dousing them with ketchup water. BLECH!!

Stacy said...

Yeah mustard boogers. I hate that.

Ali said...

Hmm, funny Chris should say that, when he's notorious for never wiping up the drips of ketchup (or mustard) from the bottle. He just snaps the top closed and pretty soon there is a crusty, sticky ketchup skin over the whole squirty part.