It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I have been a “potato gun power”. I haven’t fired the gun since last October. I think I am going to buy some spuds and accelerate some produce this weekend. I meant to take that gun to Jekyll Island last summer but forgot.

I found out on my last trip to the island that I can blow a conch shell with the best of them. I get a big old lung full of air and let loose with this loud train horn effect. I bought a shell for myself but have not finished making the mouth hole. I can’t wait to blow it again.

This morning I will put on a jacket for the first time since last winter. I got cold riding in the Jeep last night coming home from a Monday Night Football gathering.

I’m going to write a complaint letter to American Airlines for that snotty little attendant that I couldn’t smack in the jaw. Hammer’s comment pushed me over the edge. I’m not sure he was French…maybe French Canadian, but he still needed a punch for being such a pain.


Unknown said...

Don't think we'll be needing coats for another month! It was 90 all weekend!

mr zig said...

If he was a true French Canadian you really should have punched him... just for that... they are a pain.. (well ok, I'm sure not ALL of them are, but most of them)