Let There Be Music!

Yesterday Ty and I head to the golf course in our Jeeps, tops down and it starts raining. It hasn’t rained here in months and it wasn’t called for yesterday either. It was a light rain and it felt good.

After some reading and consultation the previous day, I rushed home full of good ideas about how to get my conch shell working. By the way, I ran out of gas for the second time in the Jeep, this time coming up my driveway.

I resumed work on my conch by taking a strong pair of needle nosed pliers and breaking the little swirl thing in the middle where I had sawed the hole. Then I plunged a dremel grinding bit in the mouth area and magically I started forming the perfect mouthpiece. (Thanks Mark for the suggestion)

In ten minutes I had a conch horn capable of several different sounds depending on air pressure.

Now I need to patch the hole where the fisherman extracted the conch. Right now I am plugging the hold with my thumb to make it work. I think a little epoxy with some sand sprinkled on it for cosmetic effects should do the trick.

Then I may spar urethane the outside for a protective shiny look.

Okay, so anyone need a conch horn player for weddings, birthdays, bris, Bar Mitzvah or funerals with an island theme? I’m your man!


Michael said...

Reg. If the hole is on a spot where you can easily cover it with your thumb, you might want to not completely seal it, but instead seal around it leaving a small smooth hole you can still cover. I think you can gain more control over the pitch and so forth, using that hole.