Down To the Short Rows

Okay, we are down to the short rows. Does anyone know where that saying came from? I do!

All the dogs are suspicious now. I keep running around and cupping their fuzzy faces because I know I won’t see them in a few days. Half the reason we have an RV is we can take our dogs traveling.

After 8 weeks of being topless, the Jeep is sealed back to winter conditions. There is a tropical disturbance off the coast so I wanted to make sure the Jeep was tight in case of rain. I even threw a tarp on it secured with bungee cords. I swear that Jeep is the most fun toy I have ever had. It is worth every penny I paid.

This drought has made us face the reality that we have enough hay for the horses until maybe October. There will be no Fall cutting this year and the last Spring cutting was okay but not stellar in quantity.

I am trying to get some other small time hay folks together to get a truckload of Yankee hay from New York or the Midwest. My Southern horses won’t know the difference.

Well today I pack and prepare for the AM departure. Let’s see…got my new cool sunglasses, flip flops, shorts, shirts, haircut and I am ready.


MELackey said...

"Short rows"? Anything like "short strokes"?

Michael said...

What? You're gonna leave us hangin' here? Where does it come from and what does it mean?

I've heard of "Got him by the short and curlies", but not "down to the short rows". Is that some gandy-dancin' lingo?

Edit: What the...? No word appeared in the word verification. I had to re-load the page. I have a word now, its "dfilcfr".

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Down to the short rows is directly related to “that’s a long row to hoe”.

Many times a field is plowed in a diagonal for drainage reasons. This creates short rows on each end and long rows in the middle.

If you were working the field by hand, let’s say you were hoeing; you would start at short rows, work to the long rows and finish with the short rows. When you were down to the short rows you would be just about finished with your task.

If you were in the middle you were in the long rows and would not advance very quickly.

So, I am down to the shorts rows and am about finished with my task.

Of course, Peter and I would have slaves to do all this work according to Terry.

MELackey said...

ahhh. different context, but they mean pretty much the same thing - you are almost through with the job.