Converting the Savages

In exactly one week, I will begin the long and arduous trip to the island of St Croix to spend time with the savages there and hopefully convert them to my religion.

Think I could write this off as a mission trip?

Maybe I could adopt a highway there and say I needed to go and do my clean up next week.

Perhaps I could join the Coast Guard Auxiliary and say I need to go down and inspect a boat or something.

That reminds me. One thing I have always wanted to do is be on a boat at night way out at sea. I get a creepy feeling just thinking about it.

I was reminded of this desire last week when I watched Jaws.

The boat would need to make creaky sounds and other noises as it rocked in the water. It should have a little galley where me and a few select buddies could play cards, laugh and drink rum.

I imagine this night would be clear, warm, and the waters calm with the night full of stars. I can smell the water and the telltale smell of fish and maybe the leftovers of something greasy we cooked in the galley and maybe the smell of a kerosene lamp.

Hold on…I might hurl.

I really would like to do this, but I doubt I will ever get the chance.


TerryC said...

One of our plans is to buy a live-aboard catamaran and sail around the BVI picking people up from their yachts and massaging them on ours. We'll also be able to have friends stay with us every now and then.

We have to wait a few years, though, for the dog population around here to decline.

Michael said...

In the meantime, we can take you out at night in the yacht "Origami". It'll rock and creak just fine, and probably be plenty creepy. But there re no lights to play cards by and the closest you'll get to going down into the galley would be to sit on the floor in the salt-water swill.

We'll provide rum though!

Anonymous said...

Some of the other bloggers and I have agreed that one of these days, a blogger get-together is a must. We have voted you as the official blog convention driver. You can fire up the RV and drive around to pick us all up. We also thought you might take us to St. Croix with you. Don't try to resist. It's pointless.