Rum and Bitch Slapping

I’ve been trying to buy a few things on Ebay lately.

What I simply wanted to do was collect a few Cruzan Rum items for the home bar, even though I really don’t have a home bar. Cruzan Rum is made in St Croix and having a few items around makes me smile when I see or use them.

Cruzan Rum is also the sponsor of the Kenny Chesney concert tour so I am apparently bidding against hordes of screaming females that want the items worse than I do.

First I won some Cruzan Rum muddles. You use a muddle to crush stuff in a glass for an Old Fashion or Mojito.

Then it got quite ugly with the bar mat but I won that too.

Next I was involved in a bitch slapping contest for a beach umbrella. It was a nice one too. I thought it would be nice in the RV to use down at Jekyll Island. I walked away at $101. Same for a bar caddy. I walked away at $51.

Maybe I should just buy the stuff the next time I am down in St Croix instead of Ebay.


TerryC said...

Since Peter is "Mr. Cruzan Rum", he could probably get you some promo items and save you some $$.

What do you need all that crap for anyway?

Don't you have enough "stuff"?

I guess I'll never understand that American mentality. But at least you're having an adventure trying to get it!

Anonymous said...

eBay is the devil. After buying a Wii from there a few weeks back I am no longer allowed there. By the wife of course :)

But that is some awesome stuff. I cannot wait for the day I have a home with a bonus room or area where I can build a bar. Nice finds!!!

Also, what the hell does Kenny Chesney have to do with Cruzan rum?!!!

none said...

sometimes I wonder if I'm bidding against another account owned by the seller.

Jahooni said...

I have never bought one thing on Ebay... I have an addicted personality, so why ad to the others... LOL

If it makes you happy then BUY IT!

Anonymous said...

You should only ever bid in the last minute of the auction too. Otherwise you are just helping to jack up the price.

What would be funny if it was actually Kenny Chesney selling all this Cruzan stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Oh and YUM to the Mojito! My favorite mixed drink by far. I have not had one with Cruzan rum though.

Bacardi now makes a Mojito in a bottle. Obviously not as good as real thing but for tailgating or something, just pour over some ice and it does the trick.

Logzie said...

Yah, that situation is only good when you are the seller! I have been on both ends.

Hammer...My SIL's do that!!!! It makes me so MAD.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Terry…humans adapt to their surroundings. When in space, you loose muscle and bone mass, and take water and air with you. But you get by with what you have and your body adapts naturally.

When diving, you get accustomed to water pressure and make sure you have lens to see and air to breathe.

If you live in Winnipeg you buy mittens and heavy clothing to weather the winter, and you stay inside a lot.

If you live on the islands, you are not concerned about heating and cooling so you needs are less that most. Inside is less desirable than outside. Basically, you need protection from the sun, and moving air to stay cool.

Here, if I want to enjoy the pleasures of your home, if even stolen in my mind, I need the basic props to make Cruzan drinks. I need Cruzan rum.

If I need an umbrella for beach shade, why not a Cruzan shade? If I need a muddle for my rum drinks, why not a Cruzan muddle? If I need a bar mat, why not a Cruzan bar mat?

If I lived on the island, I wouldn’t need these things because I would be there. I would go to the Deep End or any number of wonderful bars to enjoy Cruzan drinks.

I don’t need these things but choose to adapt because I cannot live there now.

krista said...

Wow Reggie! Your last comment was perfect! I love the way you said that! Crap is in the eye of the beholder! What may be crap in the eye of one person is beauty in the eye of another. Kinda describes the inside of my house. I see beauty, others see crap, but it makes me happy so that's all that matters! Enjoy!

TerryC said...

Sorry, I was just thinking, "More stuff to go in the already overcrowded garage we've all heard about....."

And the prices....ouch!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No, that garage is going to be dealt with before I come down again in 129 days...but who's counting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Reg, the owner of Cruzan Rum was at the deep end tonight with his faddah.....he told me to tell him what I want for the Pickled Greek.........let me know what you want.PAPI

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

The Deep End is quite the popular place. When I was there a few weeks ago the Governor and his entourage were there.

Now the Cruzan Rum folks and his kind old faddah?

Two Cruzan Rum things I have been looking for … one is a tin sign of the clipper ship like you have on the wall at the Deep End and two, they used to sell a Cruzan flag, the pennant shape type.