It was a different kind of day. Tuesday was my designated day off so Terry and Michael could work, and I could rest. Tonight Gigi is flying in and will join the fun. She is feeling better and we both miss each other very much.

Last night I discovered that I didn’t have any shorts other than the ones I wore. I had to borrow a pair of Peter’s to get by for the evening.

This morning I foraged for food at the Golden Rail. The food was fast and the service was excellent.

Next I headed into town to pick up some shorts. It’s always great to have a spare.

Next I called Ali and Zig. They were laughing at me from the live harbor cam in Christiansted.

I headed back to the villa and I got a call from Gigi and she was crying her eyes out. She had missed the plane and rebooked for a later arrival.

I decided to post my blog at the hotspot at the Deep End bar. Being a good guest I ordered a Corona. After all it was 11:30 and I had the day before me. I leisurely checked blogs and email.

By now it was lunch time and I headed to Christiansted Brew Pub. I enjoyed a fine Caesar salad and a cold Miller Lite. Then I thought to myself, “Self, lets just pop in on several establishments this afternoon just to see if they are keeping their beverages at optimal temperatures. I’ve got time to kill and you can’t beat this weather and the views.

I headed toward Cane Bay and dropped in a tiny beach bar across from Full Moon Beach Bar. In the open air bar were local blacks talking away about affairs of the day. I joined in when I could understand the Cruzan and we all laughed and joked. The view was fantastic but the beer could have been colder.

Before you start worrying, this trip involved many hours and I sipped my beer being careful not to get buzzed.

Next was Off The Wall. I walked in on an argument between a vendor and the bartender. It all got worked out and I enjoyed a Miller Lite.

The coldest beer was at the brew pub. I had the most fun at the unnamed beach bar talking to the locals.

Now it is 5 PM and I’m going to get cleaned up to meet my sweetie at 8:45.

Oh, and meanwhile my cell phone keypad is not working so I can make an outgoing call as long as it doesn’t contain a 6 or 8….sometimes. I called AT&T and they said they would FedEx a new one. The problem is I don’t know the address. I’m staying at Peter’s place and that is not good enough for FedEx.

Peter said that they can’t find him and suggested we send it to the hotel where he works.


Ali said...

I was so happy to hear your voice today! It instantly puts me in a good mood to hear your accent, and Zig and I just sit and laugh the whole time - not at you, but because we're both excited I guess.
You should call us when Gigi is there too.

TerryC said...

You had a MILLER LITE at the BREW PUB?!?!?!? That's the sign of a sick mind!!

Anonymous said...

Man that sounds like a perfect day.....LUCKY!

Michael said...

Hmmm... I agree with Terry... Miller Lite at the Brew Pub. Convert the savages my ass, you heathen.

mr zig said...

That does sound like a pretty fantastic day! Hilarious that you forgot to pack pants! hehehe