The Secrets of Reggie Tut’s Tomb or Cleaning out the Garage

Scene one opens with dirty, sweaty Reggie holding a radish in his fist and shaking it angrily toward the sky.

“As God as my witness, I shall clean out this garage!”

Dramatic orchestra music plays…

Today is the day I started taking back control of my garage. Folks, you have no idea how messy and how much junk is in this 24 by 24 foot area.

I am ashamed, but here is the picture. This is 19 years of accumulated crap.

There is no way that his is a weekend job. It will take be months to clean, dispose, keep, and classify the junk that I want to keep, and the junk that is junk.

I want to keep my camping stuff. I have summer stuff and winter stuff for camping.

Closely related is tailgate stuff. But how many flags, coolers and grills do I really need? Jeremy…need a used Weber Little Smokey? I have two!

Then there is Christmas stuff. It needs to be sorted and packed.

Yard tools will be hung neatly and so will the bikes.

Right now I am taking back the room piece by piece, 10 by 10 foot squares until it is done.

Now I have the dumpster full and ready for Wednesday pickup along with two rusty shelves, a floor lamp, a roll of dirty carpet, a nasty basket and other odds and ends.

Wish me luck.


TerryC said...

Wow! That's where you've been! We were starting to get worried.

You're a brave man, Reggie Hunnicutt, to tackle that project!
Keep up the good work. And how cool to have a dumpster at your disposal like that. I'd be in heaven!

I'm not really sure though, that we're brave enough to want to know any of those secrets....

TerryC said...

But what's with the radish?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh yeah, the radish. Peter would know. It’s a Southern thing (ting).

That is from a scene from Gone with the Wind when the Yankees had beaten down The South to a point of desperation and starvation. Scarlet finds only a radish from the dirt to eat and declares her determination to, “Never go hungry again”, as she makes her vow she shakes the radish toward the sky.

I am vowing to clean up this garage in a melodramatic sort of Southern way.

The dumpster is one of two rollout dumpsters. Not the big one, although we may end up ordering one for this project.

Michael said...

Are you vowing in a melodramatic Southern way? Or are you going to clean the garage in a melodramatic Southern way? Or boaffem?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...


Unknown said...

I will take that Little Smokey!!

I officially go for my first tailgating experience when the Texans come to town on t he 14th. Any tips you can share with a tailgating virgin?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Think it all through just like you were preparing a meal or a party. Do as much prep before hand. Time it all out so you will have time to enjoy the tailgate for yourself after clean up.

Use as much disposable stuff as possible and remember to bring a trash bag.

Don’t make it too complicated. Chips and salsa, peanuts, maybe grilled wings, burgers, hotdogs or brats. Get others to bring stuff if you can like cookies or a cake. Kabobs are nice but do all that prep before hand.

Be sure to bring a roll of paper towels for napkins and something to wrap leftovers in. It’s nice to come home all buzzed and have another burger to eat while you watch another game.

Have some music in case no one else does. Chairs for the ladies, I stand the whole time. It’s good to have a football to toss. I wear a bottle opener around my neck for luck.

Keep drinks simple. Have a few bottle of water for a nondrinker, otherwise beer.

If it’s a 4 o’clock game you might want a TV if you can pick up over the air signal. I used to take my Direct TV dish but frankly it is hard to see TV in the daylight.

If you do too much then it is too much trouble. Keep it fun and simple. Lots of laughs.

Call your wife if you drink too much, it’s not worth risking it all.

I’ll bring a Little Smoky in December.

Kuckie said...

That looks like quite a job! Can't wait to see the "after" pictures!