I Love This Place

Gigi flew in last night and I was very happy to see her. Terry and Michael joined us at the airport in welcoming her.

Gigi and I parted ways to head to Peters villa because I knew she would be tired. We foolishly decided to stop by the Deep End Bar, where Peter works to say hello to Peter. Gigi had some of two different rum drinks while we played a dice game with the patrons.

Meanwhile…there was an unrefrigerated burger and fries waiting for her to eat when we eventually got home. (Low dangerous Jaws music playing)

When we got home Gigi took a few bites on the burger before we went to bed.

By morning she was very sick. At first I thought she may have a hangover since she normally doesn’t drink at all. She only had maybe a drink and a half so we started thinking it was food poisoning. At any rate we had to control her vomiting or she would dehydrate.

I went the pharmacy and they were able to help us transfer a script from the states that got everything under control. She spent most of the day getting better.

Later in the day I bought her some third world looking crackers and some chicken noodle soup. They were some strange ass crackers with the catchy name of Export Sodas out of Puerto Rico. I made her drink Pedialyte which she cursed as thick water.

Meanwhile I headed to Cane Bay for a quick afternoon snorkel. Cane Bay is a fantastic place. A picture of Cane Bay is what you see at the top of my blog.

I caught up with Michael and Terry with a snorkel already in progress.

A one point Terry popped up and yelled, “Sea horse!”

Michael dove to the ocean floor where someone had augured down a carrousel horse. He jump on and pretended to be on a bucking rodeo horse. I can’t wait to do the same to my brother in law next February.

Then we ventured to the wall. At Cane bay you can be a few hundred yards off shore and the floor plunges to a dark blue abyss. This is called the wall and it attracts divers from all over the world.

I would never, ever go a few hundred yards offshore back home. The currents are too strong there and the water is murky.

Here the water is clear and there is virtually no current. It is ideal for long swims.

It is wonderful how the weather here stays virtually the same year round. Today it was in the upper 80’s and breezy with humidity. In February it will be in the mid to lower 80’s and windy with less humidity.

I have enjoyed spending one on one time with Terry and Michael. They are genuine and generous people.

I especially like to hear the inside scoop on the island happenings. This is a small place with a small population so everyone knows somebody you know. I can point out most anyone and they say, “Oh that is so and so.” Then there is a little storey behind it.

I love this place.


Ali said...

I'm thrilled that you are having such a wonderful time - it sounds like someplace I would fall in love with too. I am just a teeny bit jealous of all the snorkeling you are getting to do.
Poor Gigi! First she's down and out enough not to go, then when she decides to meet you she misses her flight, now she has food poisoning. Sheesh! Give that wonderful woman a hug, buy her some gorgeous jewelery and tell her that I love her - hopefully that will help make her feel better ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Gigi was feeling sick. Hope she recuperates enough to enjoy the rest of her time there. Sounds like you're having a GREAT time! Keep writing about it. I love hearing all about it!