I Can't Believe I Am Telling You This

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

I few years back, Gigi and I were in Vegas. It had been a long day traveling. I was tired and didn’t feel fresh but didn’t have time for a shower, before a required dinner meeting.

I went to the sink and took a “marine” bath by running a wet cloth all over and brushed my teeth.

I then yelled out, “Honey, do we have any of those butt wipe things?”

“Yes, look in the shave kit.”

I took out what I though was one of those butt things but soon discovered otherwise.

I let out a horrific scream and went tearing around the hotel room naked. My butt was on fire.

“Oh honey,” Gigi said, “you used one of my alcohol swabs.”

I accomplish two things. I certainly was no longer tired, and I was at least clean.


none said...

It's like when they put those clorox wipes on the back of the toilet and don't expect you to use them...

Logzie said...

Oh, the visual picture I now have! HA!

mr zig said...

aw man - hehehe - that is too funny!

Jahooni said...

I agree.... " what happens in Vegas SHOULD stay in Vegas!"

Ali said...

Oh my god! Tears are running down my face...and ewwwww!
Reggie Hunnicutt - you are too funny for words.

Stacy said...

oh wow ewww

That's hilarious though