Daylight Savings Time

Years ago when daylight savings time roles around, Gigi and I used to run around the house and change all the clocks the night before. Then we would giggle about what time it will be tomorrow this very time.

Now, we simply change the clock by the bed and get around to most of the other clocks in our own good time. This year we passed on two clocks entirely. There could be others in the guest room that I don’t know about.

One neglected clock is in the living room. I use it constantly to tell time. It’s just an hour off. I just look up and add an hour to get the correct time.

Another clock that didn’t make the cut was a clock on the deck. Not only is it an hour behind but it also is running 10 minutes slow. I have to stop and think for a second to calculate the real time. But you know, its good enough when I am timing a steak on the grill.

Why don’t we correct this you might ask? Well, Gigi and I haven’t discussed this, but for me, I am too lazy. Plus it is late in the season to go changing clocks around because before you know it I would have to be changing them back.


Kuckie said...

I do that too! The clock in my office never gets changed. I don't feel the need to do it! I never really look at the actual time anyway, just the minute hand, since I work by the hour. Besides, as you said...what's the point? In 6 months you just have to change it back anyway! LOL! My clients all shake their heads at me...

TerryC said...

Very Cruzan!!

Michael said...

True Dat! Very cruzan.

Peter's clock in his car is always wrong, he doesn't know how to reset it. It only changes when work is done on the car and the battery has been disconnected. I told him to just disconnect/re-connect the battery at noon. He said its no problem, he can always tell what time it is, just subtract 7 hours and add 18 minutes.