I like neon signs. My eye is drawing to them immediately. Better yet, I love animated neon signs.

When I was a college student I worked at a pizza place that had an “Open” neon sign. I used to plug it in at 11:00 AM and would turn it off at midnight on Saturdays.

The apparatus looked very dangerous but the reward was a nice glowing red welcome to anyone who wanted a pizza.

Even broken neon signs are quaint to me. It’s okay to have a letter or two out. Maybe the sign unintentially flickers from age. That is okay to, it part of the beauty of neon.

Neon signs used to be hand blown and completely custom. I doubt the do it that way anymore.


mr zig said...

I also like them. I find them fascinating... the way it's a long tube that has strategically placed black "paint" or whatever it is to block the light. I also totally love the buzz they make when you first plug them in.