Blogger Stuff

I write stuff for my blog in Word, because I can’t spell worth a darn. Word also catches huge snafus in sentence structure. I never was too good in English class. I cringe now when I think about Ali and Alyssa reading my words with the misplaced structure and punctuation.

I keep the writings for a few months in a giant document before I delete the file and start anew.

I notice that if I write an entry that I must write it completely and post it immediately or I will abandon it forever. I’ll bet 25% of the stuff I write never gets posted because I didn’t finish the comment and lost interest.

How ADD is that?

Oh, I found a lazy man shortcut for logging onto blogger. You know how you get the “splash” page asking you to logon? This would require many keystrokes and the use of the tab button and mouse to put in your username and password. Just leave it blank and hit enter. You’ll be presented with another login page that remembers your username and password. Now just mouse over and the username and password enter for you. Hit enter and you are on your way. Minimal effort!

One year ago today........


Logzie said...

Ah!!! Thanks for the tip Reggie! I will most certainly try that!

BTW...don't leave us hanging like that...what is the "one year ago today..."?? :0)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It's a link back to a year ago on blogger.