Slick Ass Receipts

Is it just me, or is every getting these waxy ink proof credit cards receipts lately?

I use my corporate credit card for most purchases. It allows me to accumulate air miles so I can take fun trips to far off places like St Croix.

More and more I have noticed the paper receipt presented to me to sign is shiny and waxy…and ink proof. The paper is so slick that the ball on a ball point pen just slides around leaving an impression of my signature with no ink dispensed.

Who thought that was a good idea? I hate them.


Amos said...

No kidding. I hate those dumb things too. At the store I work at we have that shiny paper, and we put another receipt behind the one to sign on our glass counter. It never just makes marks, they can actually sign just fine. So maybe ask for another piece of paper behind it.