Window Tinting

I dropped off my pickup truck last night to get the windows tinted.

Whenever we ride somewhere in the summer, Gigi sits in the back seat with two dogs and the sun cooks them. I sit in the front and drive with two dogs and the air conditioning is keeping us cool.

I have made two attempts to get my windows tinted before.

Window tinting in this town appears to be a very seedy business. I would feel safer trying to buy some pot. I found a place last year that tinted windows and made an appointment. I showed up and the waiting room was filled with P Ditty Urban types and gangster looking Hispanics. It looked too much like a prison yard, so I turned around and left.

I did the same thing at another place a few months later. Identical clientele at both places.

Finally I found a nice fellow that said he would do the tinting for me. It should be ready tonight.

I get to take the Beast in to work this morning. The weather is perfect Beast weather.


Anonymous said...

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