Drawing Attention

Yesterday I made a redneck spectacle of myself and had no intension of doing so.

I live in Midland, NC, a small rural community just east of Charlotte. The population is about 5,000 with 96% being good old boy rednecks. Nice folks, good folks, just plain, white, redneck folks.

Apparently living here for 19 years has rubbed off on me. I have a big red F350 pickup. I have a red Jeep Wrangler. These are all symptoms of a redneck infestation.

My Jeep wrangler has a tow bar on the front. The guy that owned it before me used to tow it behind a motor home.

I needed to drop off my Jeep this afternoon to get the inside sprayed with Herculiner. Herculiner is this stuff like Rino Liner that makes metal rust proof and wear resistant. It will look nice inside versus the bare scratched metal I have now.

It made sense to me to hook the Jeep up to my truck and tow across town to the guy who is doing the spray job. Then I would not involve Gigi in driving me back.

So I hooked up the Jeep and stopped at the local vortex of redneckism, the Hess gas station at 51 and 24/27.

You would not believe the mouths hanging open when the rednecks saw both of these redneck icons joined together, the truck and the jeep. The only thing that would have drawn any more attention would be if I had taken one of dogs with me.


Anonymous said...

You're not totally gone if you don't have a gun rack in the cab of your truck.

Ali Kat said...

Hey, I want to see a picture! That sounds picture worthy ;)

Michael said...

I have an idea how you feel Reg. You already know we imported two classic Land Rovers, only one of which currently runs. Today we purchased yet another classic (but non-functioning) Land Rover with hopes of cannibalizing enough parts to end up with two working Rovers. We almost ended up with three more, for a total of 5 (1 working) but someone snagged the first two before we could get em.

Ali said...

That DOES sound redneck...but who am I to talk? I'm going home this weekend to hang out in a t-shirt and cutoffs, go to a fishing derby, ride my dirtbikes, take my brother's new '69 Mustang for a burn on the dirt roads, and to hopefully do some shooting with my dad.
We're in the same boat.

Peach Pod said...

You've been tagged. Go to my blog to check it out: http://peachesandpurls.blogspot.com/2007/05/tagged.html

MELackey said...
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MELackey said...

I guess you can always take the dogs with you when you go back to bring Timmy home.

Of course, to be a true redneck, you need rear tires 4 or 5 sizes larger than the front tires