Three Mini Posts


Several of you have asked how Lady, our elderly horse is doing. The warm weather has been good for her bones. She should do well until it gets stifling hot in July. She is a warm weather horse but they all hate it when it is the 90’s.

I just patted her big fat butt and put her to bed.

My Jeep

I drove my Jeep to work yesterday with the doors off and all the windows out.

I enjoy the smells coming and going. In the afternoon I could smell grass being mowed. I smelled dirt when I past a field being plowed. Back in town I smelled hamburgers and chicken frying as I passed fast food restaurants.

I could hear all the radios blasting in peoples cars. They think they are silent to me, but I can hear them, even with their windows up.

When I drive the Jeep, I feel so connected to the real world.

Golf Today

I played golf today, and the weather was great. It is in the upper 80’s here and I am in my weather zone. I love warm weather.

I play golf tomorrow for Jesus. I don’t feel guilty when I play golf for our church’s annual fund raiser.

I lathered up with so much sun lotion this morning that I could barely sweat.

I thought about Trish the Dish and her white feet. Trish…get some golf sandals. I have brown feet now with a white stripe over the top of my foot.

I too would be suspicious if I was getting a prostate exam and the doctor said, “I see you play a lot of golf”.


Logzie said...

Thanks for the update on Lady, I had been wondering about her! :)