Cheap People

Cheap, as in stingy, people bug me. They are so obsessed about the value of money, that it is unbecoming.

Being cheap has nothing to do with the amount of money you have. It is an attitude about money and its value that bugs me, whether you have money or not.

I know cheap people who have plenty of money, and cheap people who barely get by.

Cheap people let money rule their lives. They are obsessed by money, they worship money.

I like generous people. I know wealthy generous people, and poor generous people.


Anonymous said...

Great observations!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Where did that come from? We hate cheap people, too, but that's from years of being in the "service" industry. It's really funny, too living on a small island. We know who has it and who works hard for it, but those who have it and are cheap are so clueless. Those who serve have good memories and next time the service may not be as good....

Ali said...

I hate cheap people too. Being careful with money is one thing, being a tight-ass is another.
I'm generous to a fault. I like to spend money on people that I just don't have. I get in trouble for that.