See You Soon I hope

This is the second in a series about our friends on St Croix.

We were supposed to go to St Croix tomorrow for a week, but decided to stay home instead. We have so much to do here, and Lady needs us anyway. We would worry leaving her for a week so far away.

I miss Terry and Michael, and their distinguished man dog Goliath.

Terry and Michael are so real. They always are fun and have genuineness to them that you don’t see on the mainland. I think about them often.

I know I must seem uptight to them because I am a businessman who gets a week or two a year to unwind on the island. But Gigi and I connect with them.

We have known Terry professionally since 2003, but became buds more recently. We met Michael and Goliath just last May. I guess Terry thought it was safe to bring them out.

Then Peter…oh Lord Peter. Nuf said.

Leslie and Mitch; those guys are passionate about what they do. Peter is passionate about anything.

I hope to see you guys in September, definitely in February ’08 God willing. We love you guys.


Anonymous said...

We love and miss you guys, too! More breaking news on the STX front: Peter has bought a restaurant!! He's currently in Europe on holiday, will be back on island the 24th, then we all leave for Tortola/Anegada on the 25th for Michael's 40th birthday celebration. But when we get back, we get to work on fixing up the restaurant to our liking. It never ends....

Anonymous said...

We don't think you're uptight. Not at all, let's see...what are the words... well, energetic is one. You never cease to amaze me with your youthful energy. All the projects and things you do (and actually accomplish). We always have a gazillion projects going on with nothing ever reaching completion. We seem to have major cases of ADD. I actually used to be very much like you (hyper, non-stop), but life with Michael has changed me in many ways. He's so easy going, I don't feel like I constantly have to get things done. We just work on them, and eventually they'll get done...
Some people are manic and hyper and do not stop to smell the roses. But you do, as we can see by your blog entries about golf season, things about dogs, how much you adore Gigi, etc. I would say that you are well-rounded and successful. You live your life the way you want to without causing harm to others (except for the greenhouse gases - just kidding), and that's the way everyone should live.

Michael said...

Hey Reggie - brace yourself, long comment

We can't wait for the two of you (or more) to come back down. We get to see plenty of uptight people from the mainland come down to unwind, but you're not one of them. You're "always mentally on vacation", so you get plenty of practice. When you're down here you look like a natural, born ta lime. I don't know if Terry addressed your Peter questions ...errr, questions about Peter and his restaurant, by email, but she didn't do it here, so I will.

"Where is his restaurant? What kind of food/atmosphere?" - Its just outside Christiansted, east, a little place recently opened as The Melting Pot, but formerly called Nolan's. It doesn't have any atmosphere yet, 'cause Peter isn't there yet, he's only just finalized a contract, it hasn't even closed. It will be Crucian and Greek food.

"What is the name...Reggie's Reggae Kitchen ?" - No, but we can put that in the running. Peter was thinking The Cruzan Greek, but the night he found out they accepted his counter-counter-offer he put the question out to some friends and patrons at The Deep End. Some of the better suggestions were "The Hungry Goat", "The Happy Goat", "The Melting Goat", "Olive Garden (in America's Paradise!)", and "The Pickled Greek". He has seven full pages of suggestions - some came complete with signs and logos. When he left he was leaning toward "My Place", but his nephew and (neice-in-law?) will be his partners, so maybe "Our Place" would be better. In the last few days we've added to the list, "Cruzanopolis" and "Uncle Dad's" (in honor of his Arkansas heritage and relation to our coming offspring).

"Open air dining?" - What a silly question.
"Good bar?" - Even sillier!

"Does he want me to install a web cam there? " - We don't know, but that would be great, then you could join us every night, even when you're not down here!

"Peter will be more famous on the island than Richard!!! " - True dat! He's already on his way. Cruzan Rum selected him to be the Cruzan Rum bartender spokesmodel for their website re-design. They filmed him mixing drinks and chatting with Cruzan's Doug Nelthropp for over five hours. They're supposed to feature the film segments on their website in relation to different Cruzan Rum drink recipes. Watch for his appearance on If it goes over well, they may want him to do follow-up specials every two weeks. He's thinking he'll serve no other rum than Cruzan at his place. We're thinking he ought to get them to sponsor him. Either way, it'll be great exposure for the place.

P.S. Speaking of websites, we're making regular posts on Livin' on St. Croix again. We'll try to satisfy your Cruzan Cravings enough to keep you coming back.