Several Things are On My Mind

I feel ever so slightly guilty. You see, we are in a very bad dry spell. Not yet officially a drought, but will be if we don’t get some meaningful rain soon.

In the city, officials are asking people to cut back on water use. Everyone is starting to talk about how dry it is.

Now for my guilt; I love dry weather. I can leave the Jeep top off, my grass barely grows, I can play golf anytime and the ball travels farther on dry ground. Plus the air is dry. It feels good. The dogs don’t get as dirty, just dusty.

Any day now the summer humidity will arrive and the air will be stifling hot until September. Then we will have thunderstorms and tropical storms and the rain will come.

I might want to go to Bermuda one day. It is right off the coast of North Carolina. What turns me off is every brochure I have ever seen about Bermuda is the men have on Bermuda shorts with high socks. That looks stupid and hot.

I love Reggae music. I listen to the Reggae station on satellite radio all the time. The music is so real and I love the rhythm and beat.

I have always wanted an occasion that I could wear a kilt. Wearing a kilt in the south would be a good way to get your ass beat. I could pull it off maybe at one of the Scottish games they have in the mountains.