I'm A Deadbeat

This morning I was at Home Depot buying some lumber for my RV steps. I went to the contractor’s checkout. I always feel like a tough guy using the contactors area to pay.

I whipped out my credit card and the cashier said, “Sir, it was declined”.

What? Instantly you feel like a deadbeat even though you know the card is in good standing.

I joked and ran it through again.

“Sir, it was declined again”.

People are now in line looking at my deadbeat ass like, move on buddy. I feel like the cashier just told me in front of everyone that I have head lice and gonorrhea.

I paid with my debit card and walked out all ashamed.

I called the card company from the parking lot and they said there had been some strange activity on the card.

“Sir, did you authorize a Wall Street Journal subscription and did you join 4 Seasons wine club?”

“Yes, I drink wine and read the Wall Street Journal.”

“Okay then, I will release the account.”


Anonymous said...

The Wall Street Journal and a wine club were considered potential fraudulent activity? I guess you can't fault them for being too careful.

Ali said...

I always see business men, laden with lumber, caked with gonorrhea and head lice, whilst reading the Wall Street Journal and sipping expensive wine at checkouts - it's the norm at Home Depot.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Actually it was inexpensive wine. $59 for a case? That is cheap.

I just felt so shameful.

Anonymous said...

That really is embarrassing. I hope you gave the credit card company a piece of your mind.