Cold Stuff Wrap Up

I feel a bit weird, an outcast of sorts. While most of the world loves ice cream, I could take it or leave it.

I have had good ice cream too. I have tried it all. It seems just too fat and rich for me. Maybe it is the mouth feel or it is too damn cold. Please don’t get me wrong…I am not a health nut.

I heard a local radio spot the other day for an ice cream that had chocolate on the right and vanilla on the left. Or, if you preferred, you could turn it around and have vanilla on the right and chocolate on the left. I thought that was funny and clever advertising.

My favorite dessert is homemade yellow layer cake with chocolate icing. Just don’t throw on any ice cream. I’ll eat the ice cream but I don’t appreciate like some of you. You are casting pearls at swine giving me ice cream.

I spent much of my life avoiding cold stuff that other people love. You’ll never catch me ice skating, snow skiing, ice fishing, or tromping through the snowy woods.

Although, Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost is by far my favorite poem. I bet you didn’t think I had a favorite poem, did you?

It goes back to, I don’t like cold stuff. It seems I have blogged a lot about cold stuff this week.


Peach Pod said...

I'm with you on this one. I'm not an ice cream fan. It's OK, but doesn't make me swoon. I do prefer soft serve to the more traditional stuff. My favorite dessert: pie! I love pie and its close cousin, cobbler.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you enjoyed poetry. That one by Frost has always been one of my favorites, too.
Dessert has never been a biggie for me, but with my hormonal fluctuations these days I love everything sweet and fattening. Michael and I stopped at Armstrong's Homemade Ice Cream shop the other day (it is an island institution, but that was the first time either of us had ever gone there). There was a big sign over the ice cream freezer with a listing of their regular flavors. I asked for pumpkin, but they did not have it, then I asked for coconut, but she sais she couldn't scoop it because it was too soft, okay, how about almond? No dice either. Michael tried for peanut and they had it. My turn again... how about kola champagne?
Nope. I finally ended up with pineapple and it was okay. Needless to say, we don't need to go back there any time soon when they always have great Ben and Jerry's stuff at the supermarkets.

Ali said...

If someone told me I could never have ice cream again I would be like "oooh, I'm so sad...not!"
(Whoa, that was lame, even for me.)
Anyways, the occassional blizzard from Dairy Queen is good - but I'm not a big fan of ice cream either.