Sometimes I'm Picky...Sometimes I'm Not

I have very loose and different rules when it comes to consumable liquids.

For example, coffee needs to be served to me hot, but not scalding hot. I may linger with a cup until it is room temperature and still enjoy the coffee. Coffee takes on a different and good flavor at room temperature. However, I would not want to be served coffee at room temperature. I’ll come back to a cup sometimes hours later and continue drinking it. I am enjoying a room temperature cup of coffee now.

I like Diet Pepsi right out of the can at room temperature. I am not concerned about germs on the can. I just pop open the can and start drinking. I like it cold too, but don’t prefer it cold. It tastes different each way.

I do not like cold water. Everyone serves it cold so I bring my own. Cold water makes my head and nose hurt. Serve me water at room temperature please.

I am so used to drinking well water at home that water in the city tastes like pool water to me. I can smell the chlorine and chemicals used to make river water drinkable as soon as I raise a glass to my nose.

Last night I heard one of the dogs drinking water. Dogs make water sound so good. I can tell who is drinking the water with my eyes closed. It was Peaches. I jumped up and guzzled down a room temperature bottle of water myself.

Beer however should be cold, but not the same cold. I like full bodied beers a little warmer and light lagers very cold.

Wine has its own set of rules. Usually room temperature is good for a red but ideally I like them best at 60 degrees or so. A white wine is best to me at 42 degrees.

Milk however must be served cold. No exceptions!


MessyJessy said...

Water - room temperature...I have sensitive teeth.
Coke - ice cold from the can (the bottles never get quite as cold)with no ice so it doesn't water down.
Milk - the colder the better.
Coffee - Hot Hot Hot or Cold Cold Cold...Tepid is bad.