Fast Women, Canadian Coins and My Pinky

I ate lunch at the mall today with some buddies of mine.

We started to cross the street in a parking lot on foot, and were damn near run over twice by some 30 something year old women. They were speeding by the pedestrian walkway that also had a speed hump. All this in a parking lot where people and cars share space!

I commented that if we were some fuzzy little squirrel or a dog, they would have slammed on brakes and hit another car to avoid us. But we are just men though.

I nearly always stop and let someone cross. If the crosser looks dangerous enough to be a carjacker then I’ll make them wait. Otherwise I let them cross.

I need a squirrel suit I guess.

While at the mall by friend bent over and picked up a strange looking copper coin. It was scratched badly, but I could make out what looked like a reefer leaf on one side.

“That’s a maple leaf you idiot”, my friend said.

Oh, a Canadian coin. We don’t see them much here.

Finger Update

This could be bad for golf. I will have to keep the pinky hyper extended in a plastic splint for at least 8 weeks, and possibly longer.

I could grip the club with my pinky extended like a Brit sipping tea, and this may work. I must be careful however not to let it fall off or the clock starts all over.

I will endeavor however and give golf a whirl on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

This is totally not what I was expecting when I read the title, "Fast Women,....."

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I thought I'd throw a curve ball for you.

mr zig said...

hehehe - reefer leaf... the way pot laws are going in this country it might not be long before there is an ACTUAL reefer leaf on our coins!

MELackey said...

oh, FAST women. I was expecting some sort of rant about FAT women.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I just about got run down today at the same place by a guy.

Michael said...

Good thing you've been practicing outrunning biplanes - autos should be easy to dodge by now.

Amos said...

Sorry to hear about the pinky. That stinks. Praying that it will heal faster than normal and you will get back to the sport you love.

In Minnesota, Canadian coins are all over of course. You can actually use the quarters there like they are the American kind. Probably wouldn't work down there though.

Chris said...

Just wait until you gat a hold of our one and two dollar coins - a "loonie" and "toonie". I kid you not...

And apparently the IRS thinks Canada is spying on you with our commemorative Vetran's quarters. They have a red poppy flower in the centre, and Bush finds it very intimidating.