Possible Season Ending Injury!

Friends, I went to a hand specialist this morning to see why my right pinky finger is so bent down, and why my left hand is so sore.

It seems I have torn something in my finger that allows me to straighten my finger normally. I am to be fitted with a splint that and cannot allow my finger joint to bend for 12 weeks.

This finger is my interlocking finger for my golf grip.

I am devastated! What does the season hold for me?

I will find out this afternoon. Certainly there is an alternative grip I could use allowing the pinky to stay out of the line of play? I sure hope so.


Ali said...

Hang on...your RIGHT pinky finger is bent down, but your LEFT hand is sore?
So you are having problems with BOTH hands? Sheesh. You need to be more careful. ;)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes! Please feel sorry for me Ali!Gigi is bitchin'.

I guess I've been hitting cheap golf balls.

Logzie said...

Awe man! That is horrible timing! Hope it gets better soon!!!

Ali said...

I DO feel sorry for you! Awwww, poor, poor Reggie - is there anything I can do? Would you like a care package from Canada?
(I'm crying a little for you too.)