Water Snobs

I never thought this would happen to me. I have turned into a water snob, this, from a guy who grew up drinking from a garden hose in the summer.

It started years ago when we moved to the country. We get our household water from a 350 foot well. All we do is filter the water and remove some of the iron with another filter. The water tastes great. No chorine taste is present.

On a side note, Gigi’s father will not drink this water. He is convinced that since the horses, dogs and squirrels poop outside, and then surely there are poop particles in the well water. I told him once we had installed a shit filter but he didn’t go for it.

Gradually I started drinking cheap bottled water while in the city. I hate the taste of city water now.

Gigi and I began to discern the various tastes of bottled water and have brand preferences. Our favorite is cheap old Sams Club water.

Never did I think that I would start craving premium bottled water but I have. My favorite is S.Pellegrino. I am having a glass now with a lime wedge.

Man I have turned into a fruit ball before my own eyes. I used to make fun of people like me that would pay $1.50 for a quart of water.

Do yourself a favor. The next nice meal, pour a couple of glasses of chilled S.Pellegrino into a big wine glass and add a lime or lemon wedge. It’s fantastic!


Princess of the Universe said...

I hear you - I've yet to get really snobby about brand preferences, but I am now incapable of drinking regular tap water.
It has to be bottled or at the very least, filtered Britta water...

Ali said...

For some reason the water from the taps here in the city smells (and tastes) like algae at the beginning of each summer. The husband and I have gotten into the habit of drinking bottled water because of it. Dasani bottled water tastes like ass to me though - metal injected ass.
That being said - I love well water. My grandparents actually still have a well in their yard where you can go and grab the handle and have to pump it out of the ground. I still get a kick out of doing that.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

The water in Concord, NC tastes like earth worms sometimes, very earthy. Not good for water, mushrooms yes. We are not fond of Dasani either. The water in St Croix is good as long as the cistern is clean. I have one of those old pumps and pump water out of my creek. They are so cool.

Anonymous said...

I rarely drink any water, and when I do, it's bottled. I'm sure it will be my downfall eventually. Diet Coke is probably not a good replacement for H2O.

Anonymous said...

We drink our cistern water filtered through a complex system (Michael can explain it). I hate buying water in plastic bottles (so wasteful here since we have no recycling facilities), but when forced to, I refill the bottles with cistern water. I never get into my car to go anywhere without some H20, you never know when you'll get stuck behind a traffic accident in the heat of the day far from a convenience store.