Friendly Manitoban

Gigi and I are in Southport, NC this weekend shaking down the new RV 5th wheel.

This coach is awesome. The towing went like nothing even though this RV is massive. So far no big problems, just a few little things are wrong that can easily be fixed.

The folks across from us have a unit very much like ours. I looked over there and saw their truck tag said, “Friendly Manitoba”.

“You got to be kidding”, I thought.

I went over to introduce myself and there before be were two friendly Manitobans, sure enough. They lived 30 years in Winnipeg and have retired here, but still keep a home in Winnipeg.

She worked at the hospital there as a nurse. I’ll bet Chris and her have crossed paths. I can’t remember the hospital but she said it was big and I remember it started with a B.

A year ago I didn’t know a single Manitoban, now I know many and I have actually laid my eyes on two in the flesh!

Will wonders never cease?

I should have given them that Canadian penny back I found a few weeks ago.


Chris said...

That hospital would probably be St. Boniface hospital.
I'm glad you met a friendly Manitoban. I'm beggining to think they've all moved out West.