Day 2

Don’t think all is wine and roses here in this big fancy new RV. I have not yet wired up the unit for Direct TV so the satellite dish is useless. Cable is not offered at this site.

So, dear friends, we have to watch over the air TV. Worse than that, is the fact that the over the air TV is coming out of Wilmington, NC. Nothing happens in Wilmington.

The local news is quite entertaining. It is light, with no real content. They show the pet of the week, cover the local burning ban, have a live spot at the pier for the disabled anglers contest, etc.

There are tons of cars commercials for zero down, $99 a month cars.

Then the informercials play whenever there is not a network feed.

I’m watching one now about some miracle colon stuff. I already know more about my colon that I want.

Gigi commented that this is where the TV news people end up if you are fat and have bad hair. All of the TV personalities are a bit grain fed looking. One guy had a haircut that looked like Moe on the Three Stooges.

Other pressing RV issues are the stabilizing jacks are not quite up to par. At night whenever either of us walks, the wine glasses tinkle as they shake in the over the bar glass holder. Tinkling glasses can be a hardship of sorts.

The steps on the outside of this RV are way too steep. Peaches can’t go up or down them. Duke can go down but can’t get up. Cedie barely manages. Haley defies gravity and just floats around at will.

I am going to build a more gradual set of steps that can be carried around.

Lastly, I miss very much a constant Internet connection. The office here has a wireless connection that I use to post and check mail. The rest of the day I have to wonder what is going on in the world.

This morning I wanted go online to look for a Kingpin jack for the RV to stop the tinkling wine glasses. I’ll just have to wait.


Peach Pod said...

Don't forget that there's a Camping World near the outlet mall in Myrtle Beach.

Anonymous said...

Oh NOOOOOO! Not.....grain fed TV news personalities and tinkling glasses....How can you stand it? And no cable, or satellite, OR constant internet. Wow! You guys are really roughing it. Next week we will be on Tortola for the BVI music fest. Percy Sledge, Stephanie Mills, Freddie Jackson and Lucky Dube will be performing. We will have no TV at all, no computers at all, probably more than glasses will be tinkling all over the place. But we'll have dice, playing cards rum for the guys and plenty good vibes, mon.
Meanwhile, we'll be praying for a quick end to your suffering....
We love you guys!!!