We Got Our Golf On

It was golf Sunday for the mother of my Border Collies. Yes, Gigi and I headed to the club for a very rare day at the course …together.

Gigi banged a few ball around and as always looked the part. See how her blue stripes on her shoes match her blue eyes?

I shot a respectable for me 99.

I need to shut up though. I keep reminding Gigi just what we would be doing now if we had gone to the Virgin Islands as planned.

It was hard to beat golf together on a perfect spring day with the lady I love.


Peach Pod said...

After seeing this photo I bet Gigi was happy with her decision to wear underwear today!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

LOL...I forgot about the phone conversation earlier in the day.

Gigi wanted me to make sure everyone knew she had on a skort.

She does look bendy though.

MELackey said...

wow, This place is becoming a little racey.

Chris said...

I have yet to get out golfing.
I'm jealous now.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Chris...The weather here is perfect. Its 73, clear and no humidity. Guess what?? I'm playing again Tuesday.