Mr. Duke

As anyone who knows us, you might say we like dogs. Hell, we like animals. We love them.

Old Duke was rescued from the pound on Halloween 2006. So far Duke has been a perfect gentleman, except for a few shit walking incidents in the living room. I mean, who hasn’t done that a time or two in your life? I can hear Diesel, Goliath, and Sadie saying, “Here, here”, in agreement like they do in Parliament.

Most rescue dogs are so polite and grateful to have a new home. The honeymoon with Duke continues except, he is becoming more comfortable. This is cute, at least to us. He has his routine. He knows his boundaries. He comes when we call him and the other animals love him.

Duke was a real find. Please, if you are ever considering a new pet, adopt an adult looking for a home. They will love you forever and they will fit in most of the time.


Anonymous said...

You're all a bunch of sweethearts!