I played golf hurt today and managed a good round in spite of my injury.

I have this splint on my right pinky finger and the last joint must not bend for at least 8 weeks. I am right handed so I wear a glove on my left hand, and interlock my injured right pinky to the index finger of my left hand. Sounds like twister, huh?

The finger interlock is impossible now so the finger just sticks out.

Today I had on the splint with extra tape because I sweat a lot and the splint would fly off otherwise once I worked up a good lather. Then I fashioned an oversized right golf glove to wear on my right hand to further protect my finger. I cut off all the fingers of the glove except the pinky finger. Then I wore the glove with only my pinky and part of my right thumb covered. It worked like a charm.

I can continue golf with my splint on and finger extended and everything stays in place.

Thanks also to my sweet bride for assisting me daily in changing this splint from a day splint to night splint, while I yell at her directing the tape placement. She is an angel for putting up with me. I love her.