Odds and Ends

I hate cold ketchup and cold syrup. So why do people store it in the refrigerator?

We store both ketchup and syrup in the regular cabinet, and then it is room temperature when we eat it. Perfect! It never goes bad in the cabinet.

Now this does not include real maple syrup which will get funky on you in a minute. I’m talking about Log Cabin or Mrs. Butterworth fake maple syrup.

Dog Health

Gigi and I discuss the state of our dogs crap way too much. You can’t be too careful when you live in a small home with 4 dogs.

We have found over the years that you can determine the state of a dog’s health by the type of crap they let. Often we can preempt a disastrous situation with Peptol Bismol if we recognize the early onset of trouble.

Just this morning, Gigi relayed a thrilling crap story from yesterday.

Gigi said, “Cedie and I were at Target yesterday when she had to shit. She dragged me down a ravine and began to launch what looked like Jules Verne’s, The Nautilus. It looked fine but then I saw a glossy finish”.

This was her was to alert me that Cedie may be in for some diarrhea issues, so keep and eye on her. Dose her once with Peptol Bismol tablets.


Anonymous said...

After seeing Gigi's picture, I find it hard to imagine that statement coming out of her ladylike mouth! ROFL!

As far as ketchup and syrup, I store ketchup in the fridge, but I'm not sure why, since restaurants leave it out on the tables. Syrup is always in the cupboard. But now I have to wonder, doesn't jelly have to be refrigerated? My mom never did and we survived.

MELackey said...

I prefer the ketchup cold, but the syrup has to bee room temperature. Bonus for syrup that has been warmed up before drowning the pancakes.

You mean Ms Butterworths isn't the real thing? Dang.