Nice Hack

I have found a useful hack that basically turns Google into a file sharing machine.

Say, for example, you want to hear a snappy little AC/DC tune, or the soothing lyrics of Van Halen. Just type in the artist name, make sure it is set on songs, and hit enter.

The results are amazing.


Michael said...

I consider myself fairly computer and internet literate, but Reggie seems to come up with bizarre little internet quirks, sites, and who knows what that I've never heard of. I admit this one has me stumped. When I go to google, my search options are Web, Images, Groups, News, Scholar, and more », or Advanced search.

More » brings up a whole page of other stuff google can do, but Songs isn't one of the options. Couldn't find Songs in Advanced Search either. I know a lot of ways to search for music on the net, but still haven't figured this one out.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

As best I can tell this looks for files in directories only and shows only the directory.

I have found some neat stuff in some directories. I am sure the owners did not intend for me to see some of this stuff.